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Here we go...

Excitement and nervousness...those more than anything else describe what I am feeling.

After a stellar couple tastings with friends and family - including the first where we were forced inside the @bullandcrown due to a typical FL stormy night - I feel (apprehensively) ready to give it a go!

As if a gift from the spirits we were tasting on that first rainy night, the profound idea of doing the tastings on the @thepiratemusuem deck (with thoughts of rum as inspiration) was proffered. Here at the Libation Lab we never shy away from good ideas, wherever they come from (although I am biased to those inspired by the spirits!) so decided to give it a go for our second tasting.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Given the stellar spot and its unprecedented views, not to mention ceiling fans and shade/rain cover, we have decided to make that our home for as long as the fine folks @thepiratemuseum @colonialoak @colonialquarter will have us!

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