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About The Swig


The Swig is about bringing people together - beers and bros, liquor and ladies, whichever combo suits you, come one come all for libations and laughter - with a little bit of taste-based education thrown in for good measure.

What We Do,
How We Do It

As a "Libation Lab" the formula is simple -

Explore Spirits/Beer + Have Fun =

The Swig


What that boils down to are  tasting experiences where together we drink a little, learn a little, and most importantly put the world on pause to focus on drinks and each other. 

Snacks are provided.


Each tasting will take guests through a themed series of spirit or beer tasters, intertwined with stories and information about each libation.  The conclusion of each spirit tasting is a bespoke cocktail, made with your spirit of choice, that we will build together.  The conclusion of each beer tasting is a full pull of your beer of choice (along with some jokes while we enjoy!).  

Length: 90ish minutes

Time: 6:30-8pm(ish)

Location: depends

Tasting Philosophy: Drink and be merry!

*See the Corporate and Private/Bespoke pages for creating a custom tasting experience.

Alcoholic Drinks

Right now we are an army of one (with strong support from a stellar group of family and friends).  My name is Zac Cole and I am a professor of hospitality and tourism at Flagler College by day.  Originally from the beautiful PNW, when not partaking in the latest libation I enjoy all things outdoors - living my vacation in STA, FLA - cheers!

Who We Are

Alcohol Safety

In the Libation Lab we like to focus on tasting versus drinking. 

What does that mean you say?  Well, we take it slow by design.  Sip a little, chat a little, and learn a little.  Basically like a very adult, responsible way to prepare for your drinking endeavors in the future.

We do encourage folks to snack while we experiment.  There is also a full beverage (cocktail or beer) to end each class (hint: you are encouraged to drink that).


Making Cocktails

The Swig Experience Gallery

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