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Getting started at The Swig

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Musings on getting The Swig started - idea spark, grounding ideas, and first tastings.

Well here we go friends! This week marks the official start of The Swig with a friends and family Bourbon 101 tasting at the Colonial Quarter. Next week will be the same with the Tequila 101 tasting. For posterity wanted to kick this blog off with a short musing on where the idea came from, the concepts it is grounded in, and expectations as it all gets started.

“Trust me you can dance.” - Alcohol

The Swig Origins

Like most good ideas, the spark of this came from my best friend and wife. I have had the good fortune of developing a beverage appreciation course at Flagler College. As word got around about this class the clear message back was that people beyond my students would be interested in all things libations. As such, the spark of The Swig is creating a platform in which to share knowledge and experience spirits together - simple as that.

The Swig Roots

One of my mom's favorite ideas is that of "touching base". For her it denotes the importance of always coming back to where you are from - the place (be it real or abstract), the people (those with you physically or in spirit), and the values (fresh lessons and aged wisdom alike). At The Swig that translates to three things: celebrating being together, pausing long enough to enjoy a story or two, and experiencing crafted beverages as a way to bring it all together.

The Swig Tastings

Super nervous and excited to officially get things started this week. Have a phenomenal group coming to guinea pig the Bourbon 101 class and my hope is a smooth experience for all. The team at the Colonial Quarter have been phenomenal and if all comes together it will live up to their well-established high level of service and adequately honor the hallowed grounds that will serve as the backdrop. Cheers.

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